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~ Tea Party Updates ~

There's six days until we'll all be lining up to enter the Baltimore Convention Center. If my guess is correct, all of you must be as excited as I am- I can barely sleep these days because I'm so antsy. But this is also the time where I need to review the basic information on the tea party, make last requests, and update everyone on any new happenings in relation to the tea party.

The basic information for the tea party is this:

TIME: Noon (12pm)
DATE: August 21, 2005 (Sunday)
PLACE: 3rd Floor Outside Terrace (map)

So far we've had a good number of people agreeing to help out by bringing tableware, food, and drinks. I'm happy to see so much participation from everyone. It looks as if we'll all be dining on things like chocolate cake, fruits, lemon tea etc. (I'm personally planning on bringing the lemon tea as well as some single-serving-sized cakes.)

But, as a last request before the convention, I would like to ask that anyone who could bring drinks, please do. To limit spilling on anyone's lovely clothing, a good number of those who attended last year thought little juice-box type drinks would work best. So if you're able to do this, please let me know.

And now, it's time for me to give some credit to those who've helped me so much thus far... Juu-sama, Fushigi-chan and, of course, all of you attending~! Thanks for all the help everyone and I hope we'll all have as much at this tea party as everyone did at the one last year. ^_^

I'll see you all at the con~

Your hostess,
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