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Discussion on this Otakon's tea party

Hello all my lovely lolita~ <3

As the hostess for this event, I've been trying my best to keep track of the number of people attending. This has been a very difficult task. As with last Otakon, I'm going to assume that random con-goers who happen to walk by, pick up fliers or are spoken to about the terrace tea party will be showing. This means it'll probably be impossible for me to count an accurate number of people. ^^; But, I've been writing down the names of those on LiveJournal, and LolitaSnap that have expressed an interest in attending. And, my dears, we've reached a total of around 51 people with just that! Amazing, isn't it? That's a huge jump of 10+ people from last Otakon's tea party. This makes me so excited~ It sounds as if word of the event has spread well enough that people wish to show. ^_^ (And I have many lovely people to thank for spreading the word amongst their groups of friends.)

Despite my being happy over increased interest, I'm wondering if there will be enough food. I know that there was a little too much at last Otakon (many people had to take some home) so this doesn't worry me as much. But, it seems that there has been a good number of people actively volunteering to bring food and drink. (Thank you to all those who offered!) And, as a side note, I'll be contacting each person individually to make sure if they will still be bringing something- no worries, you won't be in trouble if plans change for you or anything along those lines, I just want to know if I need to pick up an extra box of cookies or something.

Well, that's all for now. I hope everyone will keep their eyes on the community and/ or the forums for the latest updates on this event. ^_^
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