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Lolita on the Terrace at Otakon
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Picture from Otakon 2004

Hello and welcome to Lolita on the Terrace! Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am Korie Star (Or just "Korie" for short.) and I host a lolita tea party at Otakon. ( If you don't already know what lolita fashion and Otakon already are, I encourage you to check out the links that will appear at the end of this informational blurb. ) The purpose of this community is for the attendees who will be coming to talk amongst themselves prior to Otakon, and to keep up with the latest information. It is also where any ideas for food, activities, etc can be posted. For those of you who weren't able to attend my previous tea party, let me describe the atmosphere for you: casual. It is an event where those who have a love for lolita fashion can gather and have fun. It is not required that you dress up, but it is encouraged and perfectly acceptable to do so. Those attending are asked to bring any sorts of treats, table setting items, etc that are needed to make the event successful- and a great many people helped me out by doing so last year. But, as I will repeat, this is not a required action. All that is mandatory is a love of lolita~ So, let's all be ambitious and show up for tea and sweets at the next Otakon!


I will be hosting another tea party at Otakon 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland. Here is the detailed information about that event:

TIME: Noon
PLACE: Baltimore Convention Center, Third Floor Terrace
DATE: Sunday @ Otakon
Also, if you are a photographer interested in showing up to take pictures of all the lovely people at the tea party, please let me know by commenting in the community or e-mailing me. Thanks!

Community Rules

Like any other community, there are a few simple rules that I would like everyone to follow.
1) Treat everyone with respect- especially the mods.
2) Be polite.
3) No spamming the community.
4) Have fun!

Other Information

- For information on lolita fashion, please check out the gothic&lolita LiveJournal community or Crosses+Petticoats.
- If you are interested in joining in (or just reading) the thread about the tea party on Cosplay.com, check here.
- For pictures of Otakon 2004's tea party, go here.
- And, please direct any additional questions, comments or suggestions to me via e-mail or contact my on my LiveJournal virtual_waltz.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you there!